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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdomn — Prelude to Jurassic Park

Maximilian Rivera July 3, 2018

This week, Scott and I give our spoiler-free review of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. We also spend some time catching up on what we watched over a few weeks of travel. We also discuss which film won our Listeners’ Choice Poll — hint, it’s in the title. 

There’s something that just feels right about flying 20,000 feet above the earth’s surface and watching a film you somehow missed in theaters. I’m sure Scott and I aren’t alone in feeling this is at least the best part of being on an airplane — movies.

So after we both had back-to-back personal engagements and business trips, we took the time to catch up on the films we’ve been watching and to discuss our upcoming Listeners’ Choice Episode for 92%. We’re excited to dig into Jurassic Park, and we were impressed at how the JP fans showed up at the very end to push for their film. While I was torn between my love for Jurassic Park and Children of Men, I’m excited to revisit Isla Nublar and dig into some dinosaur goodness.

What We’ve Been Watching

Scott viewed two films about sporting rivalries — Borg Vs. McEnroe (2018) and Rush (2013), as well as Patriots Day (2016). How did he feel about these? He was definitely into two of them, while one fell kind of flat for him. And one also left him with a few reservations, even though he loved the film as a whole.

We ask ourselves how soon is too soon for real life tragedy films. We’ve covered questions like this before, but with more modern tragedies it just feels difficult to answer.

During my travels, I finally watched Ant-Man (2015), which I absolutely loved. I think as a lower-stakes superhero film with actual comedy and more complex family dynamics, it did what it needed to do. I still wonder what the Edgar Wright take on this would be, but it’s something we’ll never get to see.

I also dipped into the Jurassic Franchise again, knowing the new release of Fallen Kingdom was around the corner. I watched The Lost World: Jurassic Park, Jurassic Park III, and Jurassic World during the last few weeks. Jurassic World is just about how I remember it — too much like the original, but much more shallow. Yet I enjoy the heck out of it, even though I recognize its flaws.

Fallen Kingdom, or Fallen King-DUMB?

Honestly, I’m a self-proclaimed Jurassic Park die-hard. That’s a non-controversy, honestly, but it’s true. So whenever a new film comes out, I see it and LIKE IT in some sense. Hey, I’m just a sucker for dinosaurs. While Jurassic World didn’t capture any of the smarts of the original, it definitely pushed for the magic-kingdom-turned-catastrophic angle. For the most part, they get it. So how does the sequel fare?

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom isn’t going to surpass the original by any means, and it’s probably a safe bet that nothing will. This film still captures the fun of dinosaur movies, but takes a few missteps that muddy the overall narrative. Of course, we will need to see the third film to see if it all ties together.

I honestly had a lot of fun with the monster-movie elements in Fallen Kingdom, but I found some of the world building and overall plot could have used a bit more story and logic. I don’t think the movie is complete garbage, but a lot of that stems from my love of the franchise. I think Scott (and most critics as a whole), recognized that the dinosaurs were fun, but the movie was definitely lacking. There’s a kind of anti-climactic ending to the film, and I think that is going to definitely hinder it compared to its predecessors.

What did you guys think about Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom? Let us know!

Max is a marketing copywriter by day, filmmaker and screenwriter by night. He resides in Charlotte, NC, and loves his dogs, watching movies, building LEGO sets, and eating food. Lots of food.You can find Max at his personal website and twitter.