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Episode 007: Good Luck Chuck – Dane Cook’s Magic Dong

Maximilian Rivera May 10, 2016


By Max Rivera | @maxriverafilm
In order to keep the woman of his dreams from falling for another guy, Charlie Logan has to break the curse that has made him wildly popular with single women: Sleep with Charlie once, and the next man you meet will be your true love.

Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 5%


Can a laugh out loud gross out comedy also count as a sweet, uplifting romcom? Possibly, but Good Luck Chuck (2007) is neither of these. Rated 5% on Rotten Tomatoes, Good Luck Chuck stars Dane Cook and Jessica Alba.

Directed by Mark Helfrich and written by Josh Stolberg, this comedy feels like two separate films smashed together at times. Could the concepts work on their own?

While this is the best movie we’ve seen yet, it still leaves plenty to be desired. We get lost in the weeds about what makes a romantic comedy good, and how Good Luck Chuck should be split into two separate films.

Watch the trailer for Good Luck Chuck​:

The HexClose CallImagine Reba 

What else could we have watched? 

The Adventures of Pluto Nash & A Kid in King Arthur’s Court were two gems we skipped.We’re getting to noticeably better films. That makes our job so much easier. In fact, we’re drooling over some twenty-percenters that we’ll hit in a few months.

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