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088: The Prestige Movie Podcast — Rated 75% on Rotten Tomatoes

Maximilian Rivera November 28, 2017

The Prestige is a magical film — no really, it’s all about magicians. Made smack in the middle of Christopher Nolan’s Batman renaissance, the Prestige brings Nolan’s unique style into a new setting full of twists and turns.

By Max Rivera | @MaxRiveraFilm

PremiseAfter a tragic accident, two stage magicians engage in a battle to create the ultimate illusion whilst sacrificing everything they have to outwit the other.

Rotten Tomatoes ​Score: 75% 

  • The Disaster Artist — Scott gives his initial reactions to an early screening of this James and Dave Franco led film based on The Room.
  • Lady Bird — I rave about this Greta Gerwig film, citing it as one of my favorites of this year. Lucas Hedges makes me cry, basically.
  • Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri — Scott jumps to another Lucas Hedges film, from a director he’s never really gelled with. This time, however, he loved the final product.
  • Marvel’s Runaways — Max rambles about one of his favorite comics and the adaptation that is now on Hulu. Here be spoilers — he loves it.
  • Get Out — The podcast boys catch up on this year’s surprise hit, and discuss a little bit about what is fun in this film and what they want to see from Jordan Peele.
  • Landline — Max and his wife watched this film and had different reactions. If you’re fond of Jenny Slate, check it out.

Questions we ask ourselves about The Prestige:

  • How does this film hold up as an example of Christopher Nolan’s work?
  • Does the nested story work better here or in Inception?
  • Does the shift of hero to villain work well here?
  • Could the narrative be more clear or is the obfuscation purposeful enough to work?
  • Has Nolan fixed his female characters problem yet?
  • Is there a reason this is one of Nolan’s lowest rated films?

Max is a marketing copywriter by day, filmmaker and screenwriter by night. He resides in Charlotte, NC, and loves his dogs, watching movies, building LEGO sets, and eating food. Lots of food.You can find Max at his personal website and twitter.