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014: Joe Dirt – Where is Joe’s Sister?

Maximilian Rivera June 28, 2016
by Max Rivera | @maxasaurus

Premise: After being abandoned by his parents at the Grand Canyon, Joe Dirt tells the story of his journey to find his family.
​Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 11%


This week, we’re talking Joe Dirt (2001), starring David Spade, Brittany Daniel, and Christopher Walken. 

Joe Dirt is the story of a man trying to find his family. At least, we are told this in the film, but the movie operates as more of a series of vignettes. These tie back to Joe’s idea of family, but the story hook is barely there. Admittedly, we both didn’t hate the film. Hell,  Scott even likes this film. 

Joe Dirt also stars Dennis Miller, Adam Beach, Kid Rock, and Jaime Pressly. 

We examine which jokes work and which fail, and Scott even lists off the exact moments that Max laughed at. 

If you’re unfamiliar with Joe Dirt, here’s the trailer

The film manages to be completely ridiculous, but is redeemable in the sincerity of Spade’s performance as Dirt.  This is definitely a low brow comedy, but isn’t the worst movie ever made. In fact, a few quick fixes could have made it even funnier.

That being said, it probably deserves the weird cult status it has amassed. 

Also, why hasn’t Kid Rock been in anything else? He’s hilarious throughout the entire film.


​We finish the episode with some viewer mail asking us about other nerdy podcasts we would like to launch. 

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Max is a marketing copywriter by day, filmmaker and screenwriter by night. He resides in Charlotte, NC, and loves his dogs, watching movies, building LEGO sets, and eating food. Lots of food.You can find Max at his personal website and twitter.